Lower River Wye (High Wycombe fire station to the Thames) Projects

River Wye Cores End
River Wye Cores End M. Forshaw
A number of weirs still exist on the River Wye that impede the free passage of fish along the course of the river to a greater or lesser extent. The ultimate objective is that they all will be removed or modified such that fish have uninhibited movement the length of the water course.
  1. Riversdale, Bourne End. A fish passage needs to be constructed.

  2. Wessex Road, Bourne End. Improve fish and eel passage by removing baffles.

  3. The Courtyard, Furlong Road, Bourne End. Possible removal of weir or modify to improve fish passage.

  4. Millside, Bourne End. Aim to remove or modify weir as well as improvements to river bed topography.

  5. Soho Mills Industrial Estate, Wooburn. Fish pass seems to work reasonably well but aim to ultimately remove the weir.

  6. Windsor Hill, Wooburn Park. Only small scale improvements necessary.

  7. Wooburn Mill/Maindec House, Holtspur Lane. Habitat enhancement including installation of large woody debris, tree work to open canopy and remove gabions from river bed.

Projects Map
Wessex Road
The Courtyard
Windsor Hill
Wooburn Mill